Episode 4 – “To Parley”

Welcome to Pen and Plume! In Episode 4, we follow Darth Vader to a planet where he felt the presence of an ancient Sith Lord from yesteryear. However, we find out he wasn’t the only one called… This story contains an epic crossover. You won’t want to miss out on Episode 4, “To Parley”. There’s also an “easter egg” in the story. Try to find it…


  1. AMAZING STORY!! I had chills from the beginning until the end! As always, the details in the story paint the settings well. I could visualize the landscape and the scent of the the air in the temple. I felt my bones crush along with the aliens and the conversation between Dark Vader and the Queen!!!! I recommend headphones and total silence or surround system to listen to this one. Great story and may the force be with you!

  2. Man, just made it thru “To Parley” we have a lot of the same thoughts about sith and Jedi lol. But man, production continues to be off the chart and the surprise match up with alien was 🔥. And the Predator 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  3. Great story, but what really blew me away was the production quality! You really put your listener in the story.

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