Episode 9 – “Rotten”

Welcome to Pen and Plume! Ray has been trapped indoors for months now. He dare not leave the house with everything going on outside. When an opportunity to safety shows up on his doorstep, he has a chance to finally see his family again. Can he trust his nose and a stranger to get him to safety?

Episode 7 – “Obsidian Inn”

Welcome to Pen and Plume! The Obsidian Inn has been around for centuries, serving and protecting its special clientele. On an important night for the Inn, a long-time patron is found murdered with little to no clues. Val Obsidian, the owner, must protect his guests and place of business…

Episode 6 – “Immortal L”

Welcome to Pen and Plume! In Episode 6, we meet Lamont Quinn who has started a new nighttime gig. He hates it, but he needs the money. After things have been going well for a short amount of time, one accident almost brings his life crashing down…

Episode 5 – “Force of Nature”

Welcome to Pen and Plume! In Episode 5, with the protests going on around the world, I had to switch it up, share my thoughts, and write a SPECIAL piece. MANY forces tried to keep this from completing (hence the video): A broken hard drive and missing video. But I PUSHED through to deliver a spoken word about today’s current events. Check it out, comment, and SHARE!! Keep fighting the good fight! 😁✊🏾