Episode 2 – “Touch The Sky”

Welcome to Pen and Plume! In Episode 2, we will take a step into the future and follow the story of Tama and her journey to leave her current, mundane life and follow her dreams in the skies. We will also announce the winner and story of Ep. 1’s “Push Your Pen” segment!

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  1. My little guy sits quietly and listens along! Great background ambiance! Looking forward to more.

  2. I really liked this story, but I was confused as to where the story was going. I mean, I understand she was a secret aviatrix, but was it illegal to have female aviators? Also, when Tama took flight, was there a specific place she was flying to…you know to get to another camp or city? Maybe this was you intention, if so…. KUDOS to you! You’ve peaked my curiosity! Thank you!

    • Thanks for listening! I’m glad you liked it. I explained in the story that aviators/aviatrices were known as “sky pirates”, They were “Robin Hood-like” in nature. They had skills like computer hacking and off-planet traveling. In the story, it’s illegal to be an aviator.

      When Tama took flight, she was leaving the planet to meet up with other aviators and start her new life. When she went through Kinney Saba’s safe, she found information on places to find the group. So, I added those small details in there.

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